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Kipling Godwin & Associates

Serving the Self-employed, Small Business Owners, Nonprofits, Churches, Individuals & Families in North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia

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 Kipling Godwin & Associates is a full-service, professional consulting firm offering a variety of products and services to the self-employed, small business owners, nonprofit organizations, churches, families and individuals in North & South Carolina.

Our mission is to provide first-rate products and professional, integrity-based services to help improve the quality of life for the clients we serve.

Protect Your Family
Association Endorsed Health & Life Insurance
We are proud to represent Communicating for America (CA) and America's Business Benefit Association (ABBA) in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.  CA and ABBA are national not-for profit associations that provide volume driven savings on many health-related purchases and valuable group health care insurance benefits.  For more information or a free health insurance quote, click here.

By now you've heard the horror stories about people whose identities have been stolen. They're not pretty…people working for hundreds of hours over many years to get their lives back in order, kids not getting student loans because someone has already ruined their credit, people losing their homes because thieves placed mortgages they never knew existed, even innocent individuals ending up in jail.  Guarantee Your Good Name & Protect Your Family's Identity with LifeLock!  Visit our Identity Theft page for details.
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Professional Training & Coaching


We are pleased to be part of a collective group of independent entrepreneurial women and men across the United States of America that has a lifetime desire to pursue significance for themselves and their families! Significance both personally and professionally, through their ongoing and meaningful work which is serving the needs of the self-employed, small business owners, and families, who persistently embrace the spirit of living and serving the American dream.
On-going, performance-based, needs-focused sales programs designed to help organizations develop a more professional sales team, increase revenue, and serve with integrity is just one of the many services we provide.  For more information, click on our Training page.
Promote Your Organization
Marketing Campaigns & Web Sites
Kipling Godwin & Associates provides public relations and marketing consultation, and many other services for business, not-for-profit organizations, churches, etc.  For a complete listing of the professional services we provide, visit our Marketing page.
Grant Writing & Capacity Building
Kipling Godwin & Associates specializes in helping nonprofit organizations grow!  Regardless if you are in the very early stages of development and need organizational documents like articles of incorporation, bylaws, a completed IRS tax-exempt application, and board member orientation, or if you are ready to move to the next level of capacity building, we can help you succeed.  For more information, visit our Grant Writing page.