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Kipling Godwin & Associates is pleased to recommend the following resources to better serve our business, professional and not-for-profit clients.
Simple Truths - Gifts of Inspiration (from the creator of Successories)
Since 2005, Simple Truths has become the leading provider of inspiration gift books designed to reinforce core values.

Simple Truths is the brain-child of Mac Anderson, the founder of Successories. After selling Successories in 2004, Mac published three successful gift books – The Nature of Success, The Power of Attitude and The Essence of Leadership. In each of these books Mac incorporated his great eye for design, photography, inspirational stories and motivational quotes. The end result were three highly engaging, motivational and inspirational books that became great gifts for customers, employees, friends and family members. Since that time, Simple Truths has published over 20 different titles with authors that include Ken Blanchard, Barbara Glanz, Todd Duncan, Vince Lombardi, Jr. and Michael McMillan.

Simple Truths’ gift books are hardbound, high quality and designed to be quick and inspirational reads. We don’t believe in presenting everything there is to know about a subject, rather we believe it much more effective to present the most important things you need to know. Typically, each gift book is less than 121 pages long, abundantly full of great photography, motivational stories and quotes. The average read time for each book is under 30 minutes. Each title is designed to reinforce a core value such as Leadership, Teamwork or Making a Difference.
Books by Dr. John C. Maxwell
 Books by Zig Ziglar
 Resources from Dr. Tim Elmore